High-Density Limestone by Valders Stone

Valders Stone produces building materials to include: wall cladding panels, dimensional cut veneer, accent panels or banding, water tables, architectural elements such as columns, stairs and balustrade, wall coping and caps, piers, columns/assemblies, pavers and stone tile, hardscape assemblies, landscape features, water features and fountains, pool coping and pool deck paving, quoins, medallions, exterior and interior furniture, fireplace surrounds, formal entry stone assemblies, window and door surrounds.

Wall Panels

Valders high-density, dolomitic limestone wall panels are the ideal cladding product for the protection of buildings from climatic and environmental elements. Due to the high flexural strength of the stone, thinner and lighter weight panels can be used across larger spans. This can lead to savings in substrate construction, installation labor (and time), freight to the project site, and other associated costs. The inherit properties of the stone allows it to perform extremely well in harsh climates and the light coloring works to keep the building cool in more temperate zones. Valders wall panels fit into several different anchoring systems on the market today including lightweight tracks, conventional masonry anchoring, pin anchors, specific slots and more.



Valders pavers are in constant demand in today’s marketplace. Widely used for exterior landscaping applications, their reach also extends to interior tile and pedestal paving. The high-density dolomite is often chosen for its beauty, durability, and resistance to wear. In addition, the material has the capacity to survive difficult freeze and thaw conditions; always stays cool to the touch; and carries a very good Coefficient of Friction rating (slip resistance). The strength of Valders stone also makes it well suited for pedestrian or vehicular traffic.



Pool and wall copings from Valders Stone & Marble provide the perfect finishing touch to any space. This high-density limestone can be shaped into multiple profiles to fit projects and designs. The stone’s composition allows it to perform very well in chlorinated and saline rich pool environments. The materials are also perfect in this application due to its “cool to the touch” properties, slip resistance, and its supreme ease of maintenance. Valders coping is available in multiple levels of thickness and can be shaped into straight or radial sections to accommodate applications.


Architectural Accents

Architectural accents are inclusive of, but not limited to: stair treads and risers, handrails and balustrade, columns and capitals, window and door surrounds, banding, fireplaces, pattern inlays, radial elements, cornice details, custom furniture, and water features.

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