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  • Address: 2040 Whitfield Park Avenue
    Sarasota FL 34243-4072
  • Phone number: (941) 755-3149
  • Fax: (941) 755-6529
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About Tankless, Inc.

The innovation of on-demand, energy efficient hot water heaters for commercial and residential applications have been realized in Tankless, Inc.’s over 50 models of electric water heaters. Reliable, repairable and reasonably- priced on-demand, tankless hot water is beneficial for your initial building budget, operating costs and the environment. Tankless, Inc. proudly manufactures, sells and installs premium quality products made in the USA.


Intended for applications ranging from individual faucets use to whole house  residential installations, to pool/spa with solar power options, and, finally, to entire commercial retrofits and new builds—Tankless, Inc.’s on-demand hot water systems are smart, efficient and sustainable.

For employee safety and OSHA compliance, Tankless, Inc. offers both emergency shower and eye wash station water heaters. Additionally, radiant floor heating systems for both inside buildings and ice/snow control for exterior surfaces such as sidewalks and patios are available.


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