Structus NO-COAT® Structural Laminate Drywall

NO-COAT® is the world's only Structural Laminate (SLAM™) Drywall Corner System, representing a radical departure from poor-performing corner beads and a revolutionary step forward.

Product Description, Applications


ULTRAFLEX flex roll corner trims are ideal for off-angle applications, both short and long runs. Wide flange covers large gaps and poor framing. Built-in flexible hinge fits any inside or outside corner angle and creates crisp, straight lines.

ULTRATRIM pre-cut corner trim lengths withstand severe impacts, settling and seismic movements without cracking, denting, chipping or peeling.

ULTRA ARCH tape-on drywall arches have notched flanges that flex and conform to any arch. Stiff profile fine-tunes poor framing and creates a perfectly smooth, round drywall arch.

Features, Advantages

  • Superior strength and durability - won't crack, dent, or chip
  • Faster drywall corner installations
  • Elimination of drywall repairs and callbacks
  • Bottom line savings in labor and mud

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