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  • Address: 515 Wilhite Street
    Florence AL 35630
  • Phone number: (256) 246-0345
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About Schönox/High Performance Subfloors, Inc.

Schönox solves subfloor problems.

Schönox produces primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives and waterproofing materials that can successfully take damaged, uneven subfloors through to finished ready to use floors.

Schönox provides technologically advanced solutions that focus on sustainability, high product performance and efficient, cost-saving installations. Its products allow projects to be completed faster while addressing tough subfloor issues with the smartest use of installation labor. Many of these solutions allow subfloors that normally would require demolition, to be renovated instead, saving time and money while providing a subfloor that will perform for years. Schönox has a strong environmental platform with most of its products contributing to LEED credits.

Schönox was founded over 120 years ago in Germany where its products are manufactured under the strictest quality standards. While active in over 20 countries, that list has not included North America until recently. HPS North America, Inc. partnered with Schönox to import and support Schönox products. Together Schönox is growing rapidly in the North American marketplace based on the strength of its products and the way it does business.

Schönox has a commitment to continuous research and development can assist with the details of challenging subfloor issues.


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