SPEC MIX Self-Consolidating Grout & Core Fill Grout

SPEC MIX® offers a complete line of self-consolidating grout (SCG) and core fill grout products, preblended and formulated with the SPEC MIX computer batching process to eliminate the inconsistencies associated with many field-proportioned materials.

Product Description, Applications

Packaged completely dry, SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) and SPEC MIX Core Fill Grout allow contractors to mix as little or as much material as needed. Each mix produces high quality grout with excellent compressive, outstanding shear bond strength and increased adhesion to masonry unit cores and reinforcement steel. The mixes are available in 80 lb (36 kg) and 94 lb (43 kg) packages or in 3000 lb (1362 kg) reusable bulk bags for use with various patented SPEC MIX silo systems. A digital printout displaying batch proportions is available upon request.


SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) is a dry, preblended, cement-based grout used to bond adjacent masonry units, fill bond beams, and occupy all areas around steel reinforcement in masonry assemblage cores. Suited for both low- and high-lift applications, SPEC MIX SCG is ideal for grout lifts greater than 5' (1.5 m). SPEC MIX SCG delivers outstanding fluidity and increased cohesion over conventional core fill grout, with excellent resistance to fluid grout mix segregation. It easily fills masonry cores without voids and with no consolidation effort (mechanical vibration), even around heavily congested reinforcing steel and other obstructions.


SPEC MIX Core Fill Grout is a dry, preblended mix with high flow. Formulated to fill masonry voids, it meets ASTM C476 requirements for reinforced masonry construction. SPEC MIX Core Fill Grout is a fluid cementitious material that bonds adjacent masonry units and steel reinforcement in the cores of masonry units to the masonry assemblage. It can also be used to reinforce bond beams. Used in conjunction with existing reinforcement, SPEC MIX Core Filll Grout produces a structurally sound final wall system for reinforced masonry construction.

Features, Advantages

  • Flows around reinforcement and fills voids completely without segregation or separation
  • Preblended for batch-to-batch consistency
  • Delivers enhanced performance over standard grout products
  • Accepted for all types of masonry construction
  • Requires no consolidation or reconsolidation, resulting in significant labor savings
  • Certified to meet ASTM requirements
  • Meets compressive strength requirements of reinforced masonry construction

Attached Documents

Technical Specifications

  • Spec-Data - SPEC MIX Self-Consolidating Grout & Core Fill Grout PDF
  • Spec-Data - SPEC MIX Self-Consolidating Grout & Core Fill Grout SPEC-DATA PDF

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