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  • Address: 1626 Piner Road
    Unit A-B
    Santa Rosa CA 95403
  • Phone number: (707) 535-0253
  • Toll free phone number: (800) 753-9688
  • Fax: (707) 535-0254
  • Website:

About Nova Display Systems

Nova Display is engaged in design and production of visual display systems, sign and merchandising systems and numerous other related architectural hardware solutions and accessories. It is proud to partner with and help contribute to the success of a wide base of satisfied customers nationwide.

Nova Display products are ideal for corporate offices, financial and government institutions, hospitals, hotels, real estate offices, corporate offices, universities, colleges, museums, galleries, libraries, exhibit environments, trade-shows, retailers, commercial and residential establishments, etc. It specializes in project management and assisting its customers with specifications on any design project.

Additionally, Nova Display offers a full range of printing and sign making services, including creative design and project development assistance. It is committed to continuously improve its products and service methods in an effort to help customers better achieve their objectives.

Nova Display’s complete line of display systems is practical, modular and versatile. It offers a wealth of design opportunities that can be easily configured and reconfigured for interchangeable graphic panels, signage, poster displays, literature displays, product displays, showcase displays, partitions, modular structures and more:

  • Cable/Rod Display Systems
  • Sign/Panel Support Systems
  • Track/Rail Display Systems
  • Floor-standing Display Systems
  • Modular Display Systems
  • Signware Products
  • Display Light Fixtures


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