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  • Address: 611 Highway 74 South
    Suite 900
    Peachtree City GA 30269
  • Phone number: (770) 486-8825
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About MetalTech-USA

MetalTech-USA designs, manufactures, and distributes coil, sheet and architectural metal products nationwide. It is the nation’s premiere distributor and fabricator of these products. Working with its partners, MetalTech promotes the use of sustainable metal products in building with the vision that home and commercial construction is committed to using only durable and reusable products—MetalTech’s areas of expertise.

Partnerships with companies like RHEINZINK America, Allegheny Ludlum and Hussey Copper provide the highest quality architectural products in natural metals. While zinc has been used extensively in Europe for hundreds of years, it is a relatively new building metal in North America. Copper, on the other hand, has been a staple of roofing and cladding systems since the birth of America.

MetalTech focuses on the start of the construction process by establishing relationships with architects. It seek to educate architects on the value and efficacy of metals in architectural applications and the unlimited applications made possible by MetalTech’s production facilities. It works with architects to explain metal manufacturing technologies and how it makes the quick and durable construction of architectural features possible. In addition, its CAD design capabilities enable architects to turn ideas into reality.


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