Barrier-Bac Vapor Barrier Products by Inteplast Group, Ltd.

Developed specifically for the concrete construction industry, Barrier-Bac products are designed to prevent moisture migration through concrete slabs, protect concrete flooring and inhibit moisture loss during the concrete curing process.


High-performance underslab Barrier-Bac Vapor Barriers are designed to 1) block moisture migration through concrete slabs; 2) help reduce the possibility of termite infestation; and 3) help control radon, methane, sulphates and other soil contaminants. They are especially valuable for projects that have conditions such as expansive soil, void-formed slabs and/or a high water table. Manufactured in Lolita, TX using a patented cross-laminated film production process, Barrier-Bac products are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality production.

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BARRIER-BAC STANDARD VAPOR BARRIERS Standard Barrier-Bac Vapor Barriers are made from polyolefin films that are cross-laminated during manufacturing, resulting in a ribbed, mechanical surface interface that locks in place and reduces shifting when overlapped and sealed. Standard Barrier-Bac Vapor Barriers exceed all ASTM E1745 requirements and are available standard in green, with other colors available upon request. Offered in the following models:

  • VB-250 Vapor Barrier (11 mil) – A cost-efficient solution to moisture migration; available in standard 12.75 ft × 200 ft roll; other sizes available upon request
  • VB-350 Vapor Barrier (16 mil) – For use in projects that have high requirements for water vapor permeance, tensile strength and puncture resistance; available in standard 12.75 ft × 150 ft roll; other sizes available upon request

BARRIER-BAC COMPOSITE VAPOR BARRIER Delivering significantly greater peel adhesion strength than conventional adhesive bonding methods, the Barrier-Bac Composite Vapor Barrier is especially well-suited under expansive soil conditions that cause foundations to repeatedly swell and contract. It is composed of a standard 16 mil polyethylene membrane laminated to a polypropylene non-woven geotextile fabric. When installed, the nonwoven side of the vapor barrier faces the concrete pour, allowing the fibers to become mechanically bonded - or “locked” - to the concrete slab. This superior bond protects the concrete slab from moisture migration caused by “pocketing,” which can occur when the vapor barrier separates from the bottom of the slab during normal sub-grade settlement or shifting of soil.

  • VBC-350 Vapor Barrier (31 mil) - Peel adhesion to concrete up to 8 lb/in; offers extra cushion and tensile resistance; especially well suited for projects with expansive soil conditions, void-formed slabs and a high water table; available in standard 6 ft × 150 ft roll; other sizes available upon request

Features, Advantages:

  • Patented cross lamination production process
  • Composite vapor barrier with excellent peel adhesion strength
  • Helps prevent health risks from mold growth and the costs associated with mold growth remediation
  • High tensile strength
  • High puncture resistance
  • Very low permeance
  • Superior performance and strength
  • 100+ years life expectancy
  • Exceeds ASTM E1745 and ACI 302 requirements
  • ISO certified quality
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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Technical Specifications

  • Guide-Spec - Barrier-Bac VB-250 Guide Spec PDF
  • Guide-Spec - Barrier-Bac VB-350 Guide Spec PDF
  • Guide-Spec - Barrier-Bac VBC-350 Guide Spec PDF

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