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  • Address: 3731 West South Jordon
    Suite 102 #503
    South Jordan UT 84095
  • Phone number: (801) 255-9505
  • Fax: (801) 255-7123
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About GSS Coatings, LLC

GSS Coating LLC is a graffiti abatement specialist company and high performance coatings technology innovato. The company founders have over 22 years experience in the graffiti abatement and high performance coatings chemistry industries. GSS Coatings created a new class of permanent graffiti-abatement coatings and remover products and techniques that provide the market with the best value in preventing and eliminating any graffiti vandalism damage or threat to ANY substrate. Clients that use GSS Coatings LLC as their only or sole source anti graffiti product provider include several national chains such as Walgreens, J.C. Penney and many others in their class.

What makes GSS Coatings different from any other system on the market? It provides a permanent coatings system that does not alter the aesthetic properties of any natural surface when applied to any natural stone, block, brick or other cementitious material. It also comes in any color and can be a one-step, one-coat total solution to replace paint and provide all the protective qualities that are engineered into the coatings.

GSS Coatings are guaranteed, once installed to specification, to withstand unlimited graffiti tags to the same or any area for at least ten years (extended warranty option to 20 years is available). The warranty specifically guarantees that the coating will withstand unlimited removals of 100% of every tag without any degradation to the coating itself or leaving any signs of ghosting staining or shadowing. The useful life rating is beyond 25-30 years making the cost of ownership very inexpensive.


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