Edison Price Lighting

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  • Address: 41-50 22nd St.
    Long Island City NY 11101
  • Phone number: (718) 685-0700
  • Fax: (718) 706-1628
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About Edison Price Lighting

Edison Price Lighting, Inc. is a New York City-based designer and manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures. We specialize in recessed, surface mounted, and track mounted lighting. Our products use all available lighting technologies, including LED, low voltage, compact fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, and halogen light sources. Our fixtures are designed to produce energy efficient and glare-free down lighting, wall washing, wall grazing and adjustable accent lighting.

Recessed fixtures are available in aperture sizes that range from 2 to 8 inches. We offer a wide choice of reflector finishes, and different trim options to accommodate all ceiling types.

Our track fixtures and track systems are designed for museum quality accent lighting, wall washing and indirect lighting.

Our Spredlite wall grazing systems are designed to provide uniform and glare-free enhancement of textured vertical surfaces; such as matte or polished stone, wood, fabric, tile and etched glass.

Edison Price Lighting products are used in both residential and commercial applications and are installed in many landmark buildings around the world. Our products are suitable for any interior application with a concern for energy efficiency, optical precision, and human comfort.

All Edison Price Lighting products are manufactured in the United States.