Wideck Long-Span Roof & Floor Deck Ceiling Systems by EPIC Metals

For over 40 years, EPIC Metals Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of specialty steel decks. The Wideck® family of products features structural long spans up to 55' (16.8 m) and optimal interior noise control.

Product Description

EPIC Metals Corporation manufactures 6 distinctive Wideck profiles to give architects and engineers a variety of appearance and span options for exposed structural framing for roof or floor deck ceilings. Wideck contributes to the beauty of an architectural design. It can establish a distinctive focal point of an entire building project when specified for use in an uncommon roof shape such as folded plate, domed, barrel vault, saw tooth, pyramid, gable or cathedral.

Wideck systems efficiently clear span from 10' - 55' (3.1 - 16.8 m). Longer spanning Wideck systems reduce the number of roof support trusses and contribute to an uncluttered and spacious appearance. Acoustic Wideck enables the architect or acoustical consultant to control the interior sound environment of the building, offering a public space that is less noisy and distracting.

WIDECK WHFA - The WHFA profile economically accommodates clear span truss spacing from 12' - 29' (3.7 - 8.8 m). The system is available in a variety of depths according to project span requirements. Bold, deep ribs give a spacious appearance to the ceiling while the system was designed to hide the roofing system fasteners and offer high acoustical control (NRC).

WIDECK EDPA - The EDPA profile can efficiently clear span from 10' - 34' (3 - 10.4 m). The flush appearance of the system is accentuated with minor shadow lines to offer a simple, orderly appearance. Utility systems are easily designed into the system through the use of specialized hangers and access panels.

SUPER WIDECK - With the SWA Super Wideck profile, architects and designers can clear span a structural framing system up to an astounding 55' (6.8 m). This acoustical roof and floor deck ceiling system visually establishes a beamed appearance. The sound transmission control of Super Wideck can achieve an NRC of 0.90, one of the highest achievable ratings. Whatever the architectural project, Wideck can offer maximum design choices both structurally and aesthetically. Wideck is the architectural choice for long span roof and floor deck ceiling systems.

The many benefits of Wideck Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems have led to their specification in the following types of projects: airport terminals, arenas, art galleries, canopies, convention centers, educational facilities, gymnasiums, libraries, museums, natatoriums, schools, shopping malls, transit stations and telecommunication centers.


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