DuPont Corian Commercial Solid Surface

Corian® Solid Surface material can be used to create virtually anything – a bar, a chair, a sink, a column, a backlit sign, wall cladding, a countertop—offering limitless possibilities for use in commercial environments.

Product Description, Applications

Engineered to be stylish, functional and durable, Corian is a design material that can help to transform into reality spaces that could once only be imagined. Corian can be thermoformed into virtually any shape, or worked like wood to give perfectly rounded edges. It can also be molded to create raised textures and surface patterns or carved with intricate designs to exact specifications. These techniques enable designs to be customized with logos and graphics in ways not previously possible.

The Corian® color palette includes whites, neutrals, pastels, earthy hues, dark and black tones and bright solids. Some colors are offered that have veining, added translucency or graining. Custom colors are available.

Applications include residential, healthcare, education, office, retail and hospitality.

EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS As a material, Corian® is extremely versatile, durable and weather resistant, and can be used to create anything from signage to seating, shelters to sculptures. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor public spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, restaurant terraces and meeting points.

HORIZONTAL APPLICATIONS In order to create a smooth, virtually seamless surface, Corian® is bonded using a special process. This process allows the creation of large surfaces that appear to have been fashioned from a single piece of material, making Corian® perfect for freeform baths, oversized tables and room-length bars and countertops.

VERTICAL APPLICATIONS With a classic look and feel similar to marble or stone, a large expanse of Corian® can provide a subtle, pleasing backdrop for any environment. Its smooth lines and solid appearance make it well suited for use as wall cladding, as well as for monolithic structures such as pillars, walls or abstract sculptures. Durable, long lasting and easy to clean, it is also ideal in healthcare applications, including reception and waiting areas, surgery rooms, bathrooms and shower areas.

LIGHT AND CORIAN® Using fiber optic technology, Corian® can be transformed into a screen through which light and movement are visible, providing unlimited design options for both architects and sculptors. Corian® can also be used to integrate screens and controls in multimedia systems and computer workstations in commercial environments.

Features, Benefits:

  • Versatile and durable
  • Over 140 mood-setting colors
  • Stain and heat resistant
  • Excellent for both interior and exterior uses
  • Certified for food contact
  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Smooth seamless appearance
  • Can be partnered with other materials, such as metal, wood, glass or natural stone
  • Class I (A) Fire rated
  • GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting material
  • May contribute points toward LEED® project certification
  • Available through distributors worldwide
  • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty

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