Projection Screens from Draper Inc.

Draper is a producer in a line of projection screens that sit both commercial and residential needs. Draper manufactures an innovative and extensive line of front and rear projection screens to suit any commercial and residential need, from electric or manual operation to portable and fixed screen capabilities.

Product Description, Applications

Draper offers most screen models in both audio visual and NTSC video formats. Many models are also offered in HDTV and 16:10 formats.

Screen surface options also vary. Textile-backed surfaces provide a good option for all types of projection and are ideal for single lens video projection, CRT video and data graphics projection. Another option is a surface made of 100% vinyl, which stretches perfectly flat for improved picture quality.


  • Motorized Screens - Offered in wall mounted or ceiling recessed models; tab-tensioning available to flatten screen for better picture quality; non-tensioned models are also available and hang freely, yet still provide stability
  • Manual Screens - Crank operated and cost-effective; tab tensioned or non-tensioned systems available
  • Fixed Screens - Permanently mounted and provide a contemporary, theatre-like appearance; available for front or rear projection
  • Portable Screens - Offered in folding, tripod and pull-up styles; ideal for quick set-up and travel


Draper provides four unique rigid rear projection screen technologies:

  • IRUS - The Infinite Resolution Uniformity Screen was specially developed for use with high resolution single lens projectors
  • Cinescreen - A line of diffusion screens with a permanently bonded optical coating; available with a transparent substrate of plate glass (Cineglass®) or clear acrylic (Cineplex®)
  • DiamondScreen™ - Projects a brilliant rear screen image; specifically developed for video and data projection
  • High Contrast Black - Provides vivid color contrast under any ambient lighting condition


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