Duct Silencers by Alan Manufacturing Inc

Alan Manufacturing specializes in customized HVAC needs—dampers and related hardware, zone control system products and duct supports.

Motorized Zone Dampers
Available in round and rectangular for both new construction and retrofit projects. Gladiola- and radial-stle dampers manufactured in a variety of materials for every application.

Manual Zone Dampers
Available in a variety of sizes and gauges with regular or saddle assembly.

Damper Hardware and Accessories
Gaskets, blades, clips, handles, washers U-bolts, drawbands, shaft extensions and many more accessories for all HVAC damper needs.

Regulator Dials
A selection of standard and heavy duty; saddle and regular regulators.

Duct Mufflers/Silencer
Both round and rectangular to reduce noise and vibration traveling through ductwork.

Wireless Zone Control Dampers
Allow HVAC professionals to install affordable zoning for their customers. Once the damper is installed into the duct work, all that needs to be done is to plug it in and install the batteries into the wireless thermostat unit (included.) The dampers feature an indicator light that glows green when the damper is open and red when the damper is closed.

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